Mid-ripening variety

Origin: created in 1983 by crossing Novost of Prikarpattya with a hybrid form C-106.

Recommended for growing in steppe, forest-steppe and Polesie.

Yields: 10 tons per hectare

Characterized by a high stable yield, high self-fertility, integrated oligogenic resistance to pests and diseases, increased drought resistance, suitable for intensive industrial production and combine harvesting. Tall, semi-spreading bush. Shoots are long, above the average thickness, elastic. Dense clusters are of medium size.

Berries are large, uniform in size, an average weight of 1.7-1.9 g, large ones are 3.0-3.5 g, elongated, black, glossy. Firm elastic skin. Greenish-brown pulp, moderately fragrant, with a pleasant sour-sweet-sour (4.25-4.5 points); Contains: Solids - 13,72-14,46%, sugar - 10,52-11,09% acid - 2,56-2; 94% pectin 1,42-1,68% of phenols - 328,64-456, 8 mg, vitamin C - 206,28-232,64 mg per 100 g of wet weight.

Ripen all at the same time. Can be consumed fresh and also suitable for freezing, processing into juices, jellies, wine stock.