Mid-season ripening variety

Origin: Created in 1985 by crossing of Klusonovskaya and Triton varieties.

Recommended for growing in steppe, forest-steppe and Polesie zones.

Yield: 7 tons per hectare 

Characteristics: stable high yield, high self-fertility, high drought resistance.

Tall spreading bushes, with long shoots of medium thickness. Thick medium sized racemes. 

Berries are uniform, with an average weight of 1.6 g, large berries - up to 1.8-2.2 g, elongated, black, glossy. Firm skin, berries are not squashed while being picked, greenish - brown pulp, moderately fragrant, sour-sweet taste (4,0-4,25 points), content: a solids - 15,02-16,42%, sugar - 8,64-9,24%, acids - 2 , 72-3,44% pectin - 1,42-1,98%, phenolic compounds - 346.12 -458.36 mg., vitamin C - 169,24-186,46 mg. 100 g per wet weight.
Mid-season ripening berries, berries ripen almost simultaneously. Berries can be eaten fresh and used for freezing, but this variety d is especially good for processing and making high quality juices, wine stock, and thick jelly.