Dear customers,

Today we offer you blackcurrants grown by us in the fields of Volyn.

Agricultural products such as fruits and berries have always played an important role in the provision of vitamins. With the health benefits of blackcurrants getting more media attention and research studies showing their extraordinary rich levels of healthy micro-nutrients and anti-oxidants along with rising consumption levels it is clearly the time to invest in this nutritious, health maintaining, sturdy 'super food'. For comparison: the world production of black blackcurrants is about 500 thousand tons per year, while total annual production of berries in Ukraine makes up 20 to 30 thousand tons, and the total area of blackcurrants plantations is only 5 thousand hectares.

In Volyn gardening and growing berries have never been the priority sectors in agricultural business. But recently, more and more enterprises have become interested in this industry. Today in Volyn apples, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries are grown on an industrial scale.

Ukrainian specialists adopt the best practices and best technology from other European countries. Although produce volumes are far from meeting the demand - gardening and growing of berries has great potential for development, therefore, we at Ukraine Gold Sad have utilized this high yield agricultural area to grow different varieties of blackcurrants. Our farm is located in the village of Staravojtovo, Lyubomlsky district of Volyn region, which is very convenient as it is only 3 km from the state border with Poland, and 2 km from the railway.

In 2012, we purchased and planted 360 thousand blackcurrants seedlings of 3 varieties: Sophiyevskaya, Vernisazh, Yubileynaya Kipanya, the area blackcurrants plantation land plot made up 60 hectares. In 2013 the company cultivated another 60.86 hectares and planted more 373.7 thousand seedlings including 55.7 thousand pieces from our own nursery-garden. In 2014 the blackcurrants plantation is 120.86 hectares.

In the near future we will improve the structure of the company, develop technical and technological base of the enterprise (our working efficiency), and enhance long-term partnerships with our customers.

Our special focus will be on the research of the new varieties of blackcurrants and their further plantation.

Due to the high quality of work and best practices used by Ukraine Gold Sad in growing and logistics, we earned a reputation as a stable and successful organization. We will be a reliable partner for our clients, domestic and foreign companies that are interested in the wholesale purchasing of high quality berries.